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Dentures-4-Less is the premier provider of dentures and implants at affordable prices and quick turn around. We leverage an on site lab that enables us to quickly adjust your dentures for the perfect fit while also saving your costs. Partial dentures, after extraction, start at only $199.

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$199+ FULL AND partial denture DOES not INCLUDE COST OF exam, x-rays, and extractions.

Dentures-4-Less is the denture center that you have seen advertised on TV! We believe that informed patients are better prepared to make the choices regarding their dental needs. We want every patient to be completely satisfied with every service offered. We can do full dentures, partial dentures, relines, adjustments, and more. Plus we offer flexible dentures for a premium smile.

Our doctors, lab techs, and staff bring over 30 years of general dentistry and denture experience. Dr. Theodore will listen and respond to your concerns so that you receive proper diagnosis and treatment. Our friendly and courteous staff will answer any questions that you may have and explain our warranty. Dentures-4-Less is the most convenient denture specialist in Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Ask us how we can improve your smile, renew your self-confidence and increase your overall health with our quality dentures which are delivered the same-day at affordable rates. PPO insurances and D.C. Medicare are accepted.

*Dentures starting at $199 and up. Price does not include cost for extraction, x-ray, or exam services.


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Most PPO insurances, Care Credit and D.C. Medicare accepted.

New patients welcomed. Se habla español.

I’ve been wearing dentures for 25 years and this is the BEST I’ve ever had!
— Janette, Dentures-4-Less patient


We offer many denture types and adjustment options to fit your needs and budget.


The Economy Denture is for those having teeth extracted and delivered on the same day of your appointment. It is available to you at the most affordable price. The doctor and lab technician will determine the most natural look of teeth that compliments your smile.


This package includes savings if you require both immediate dentures after extractions and final dentures 6 - 12 months after healing.


The Custom Denture is made and delivered on the same day of your appointment. In some cases it may be delivered on another day depending on the patient needs. The teeth on these dentures are more resistant to wear, have a more natural look, and offer a wider range of shades. A trial is done with the teeth in wax, which allows the patient to make changes, if necessary, before final processing. It is best suited for those not having teeth extracted.


Our premium denture offering. Made of thin thermoplastics that result in the most flexible and unbreakable dentures available. These dentures are the most natural looking combined with clear colored clasps that blend right into your gums. The Flexible Dentures have the widest selection of tooth and gum shades that erase any noticeable difference from your natural look.


Extractions, Cleanings, Fillings, Emergency Care, Relines, Crown & Bridges, Root Canals, Denture Adjustments 



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My visit was more like a reunion than a dental one, the staff made me feel at ease.
— Odessa H.